Possible Non-Commemoration - Thomas Vause

While engaged in an ongoing Great War research project I believe I have discovered another WW1 casualty - Mercantile Marine
who is not recorded by CWGC and who possibly should be.

He is Thomas VAUSE, Fireman and Trimmer on the requisitioned former Great Central Railway's S.S. "Immingham" Pennant Y8.50
In March 1915 "Immingham" was deployed to Murdos as part of the Dardanelles Force.
I believe he must have been required to signed up, most probably as M.M.R. to crew this vessel in its role within the Dardanelles Force.

On 12th June 1915, (some sources give the date 6th June 1915), "Immingham" sank after a collision with the requisitioned Great Western Railway's "Reindeer" (former ferry on the Channel Islands run). Both vessels were running in darkened conditions at night when they collided off Lemnos. Until recently I had not seen any evidence of casualties associated with this collision, then I came across these two records in the BT334 series:

Name: VAUSE, Thomas, Fireman and Trimmer
Date of death: 12 June 1915
Age: 20. Last Place of Abode: 94 Charlton Street, Grimsby
Place of death: Off Isle of Lemnos - Drowned - Ship sunk through collision
Place of birth: Grimsby
Ship's name: Immingham (Grimsby) O.N. 125042
Series: BT334 - Registers and Indexes of Births, Marriages and Deaths of Passengers and Seamen at Sea
Box: 0065 Page: 26
BT334-0065-001-114 image link, (Opens new window)

Date of death: July 1915
Ship's name: Immingham
Series: BT334 - Registers and Indexes of Births, Marriages and Deaths of Passengers and Seamen at Sea
Box: 0064

1911 Census Return for 94 Charlton Street, Grimsby, and Birth Certificate details indicate Thomas Vause (jnr) was aged 18, born second quarter of 1897.
I've spent hours trying to find his death certificate but have failed to find one.

Births registered in April, May, June, 1897
Name: VAUSE, Thomas
Registration district: Grimsby
County: Lincolnshire
Year of registration: 1897
Quarter of registration: Apr-May-Jun
Mother's maiden name: Not available before 1911 Q3
Volume no: 7A Page no:633

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In an almost identical set of circumstances two former railway ships also present at the Dardanelles campaign, "Hythe" and "Sarnia"
collided in Oct.1915, "Hythe" sunk with a substantial loss of life including nine of her crew, a mix of RN, RNR, and MMR, - - All were commemorated.

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